Platform Developer Certification

The Certified Platform Developer exam is for individuals who want to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities developing custom applications using the programmatic capabilities on the cloud platform. Here are examples of Advanced Developer concepts that you should understand to pass the exam:

Develop custom applications using Apex and Visualforce
Manage the development lifecycle and environments
Write and execute comprehensive test plans

This exam is one of the toughest exams of The exam is divided into three parts. First being the Multiple choice questions. Only once you pass the MCQ's would you be allowed to give the second level exam. If one fails the second level, you do not have to give the MCQ's again. The Platform Developer (DEV 501) first level exam, is all you are preparing for now. The exam is a trciky one, with lot of Platform Developer (DEV 501) questions having very similar choices. Only an expert eye can catch the right answer from all the choices. We stringly recomend that you go for the practise questions, as they will take the suprise element out of the exam.

Salesforce Platform

Developer Exam (DEV 501)


150 Questions

(US$ 99)

About the Exam and Programming Assignment
The Certified Platform Developer credential has three steps: (1) multiple-choice exam, (2) programming assignment, and (3) essay exam. To earn the Certified Platform Developer credential, you must successfully complete all three components in this order. Completion of each component is required to move on to the next step.

Multiple-choice Exam:
69 multiple-choice questions
120 minutes allotted to complete the exam
73% is the passing score
Registration fee is USD 400
No hard-copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam
Current status as a Certified Developer is a prerequisite
Recommend taking Apex and Visualforce Controllers Platform Developer (DEV501)
For a full exam outline, click here for the
Study Guide 

The specialized exam is an advanced developer credential. Platform Developer exam examines your skills, ability, and deep understanding needed to develop custom applications utilizing programmatic aptitude. 
When preparing with the Platform Developer (DEV 501) certification dump it is advised that you do a solid preparation and research on your own before you go for the exam. An overprepared candidate generally passes the exam with ease. Do a lot of self practise and not rely on Platform Developer certification dumps alone.

 Most of the questions would revolve around Visualforce, APEX, Triggers, Governance rules, code syntax, Security and Portals. Ideally you should have done a couple of projects before you give the Platform Developer (DEV 501) exam. Books are available at DEV 501 videaos are available in youtube for free. Prepare hard and go thrugh our Platform Developer (DEV 501) certification dumps and you should be able to crack the exam.

DEV 501 exam has its own high standard which tests the ability of all the candidates. However, DEV 501 exam would turn out to be a cake walk if you are well prepared. Your hard work would pay off. You just need to be well prepared by practicing a lot. 

Some of the examples of advanced developer concepts that you must be familiar with in order to pass the Platform Developer exam:

• Developing custom application utilizing Apex and Visual force. 
• Dealing and managing the development life cycle and atmospheres.
• Come up with comprehensive test plans and get them executed.