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Service-Now, is one amongst the On-Demand IT Service Management which mixes ITIL v3 guidelines with web 2.0 technology to a package as a Service giving. ServiceNow is a leading supplier of cloud-based services that automatise enterprise IT-operations.  

ServiceNow offers following service and benefits to any organization
*IT Service Management and IT governance functions
*Guaranteed performance, availableness, and progression of service
*Data confidentiality and data incorruptibility


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About training program:
We do one on one sessions and corporate trainings for all ServiceNow Cloud-based ITSM platforms. This covers all essential tasks for ServiceNow such as underlying architecture, technical components, and implementation planning considerations along with ITSM implementation project.
Since we have a tendency to square measure within the company coaching house for, we'd share with you the important life situations, Videos, hand outs and alternative material that is collected over the course of time. We at Plug2learn provide all ServiceNow coaching courses beneath one roof. All Trainings are delivered by experienced trainers.

Following courses are available currently:
ServiceNow Admin
ServiceNow Developer
ServiceNow Consultant