Salesforce Certification
Salesforce Certification FAQ

What does the Salesforce Certification Program have to offer me?
Certification proves your depth of knowledge and your ability to manage Salesforce’s core platform integration products. Whether you are an employee of an Salesforce customer, a strategic partner, or an independent consultant, attaining certification will increase the value that you add to the project team. Becoming certified is also an excellent way to heighten the level of software knowledge that you already posses. This means you will likely be well qualified to help your employer or client extract the most possible value from their investment in the Salesforce solution. We at Plug2Learn Provide training for all Salesforce Certification.
I’m a rather new user, and I’m not yet at the “expert” level. Should I register for the Salesforce Certification exams?
Salesforce Certification is not intended to teach you the application. It is designed so that experienced Salesforce customers, partners and employees can demonstrate their knowledge. However, if you have some experience with the software but you are not yet an expert, the process of preparing for the exams will help you attain a far higher level of product understanding than if you simply waited to acquire more experience.If you do not have a lot of experience or deep knowledge of the software, the sooner you get started on becoming certified the sooner you will reach “guru” status - and be able to prove it! Plug2Learn is not a training partner of

Are sample exams or sample questions available?
Yes, you can go to and attempt sample questions.

What is the basic Salesforce Certification process?
We, at Plug2Learn recommend that you approach certification one exam at a time. Depending on the type of certification you desire, you will need to pass two, three or five exams. After registering for an exam, prepare for the exam and ensure skill level is appropriate for the exam. You can increase your knowledge through a combination of hands-on work, studying the software documentation and white papers, or attending Plug2Learn classes. You decide when you are ready for an exam. You can take the exam any time up to one year after registration.
What are the differences between the different types of Salesforce Certification?
Salesforce Administration:
There are two exams of Salesforce, Basic Administrator(ADM201) and Advanced Administrator(ADM 211).
The Salesforce Certification types are based on individual roles. An Salesforce Certified Administrator is an expert on
managing and maintaining Administration. This includes the control of central issues such as security, UI,
Record Types, Page Layouts, Reports, Dashboards.
Salesforce Developer:
There are two exams of Salesforce, Basic Developer(App Builder) and Advanced Developer(Platform Developer).
Salesforce Consultant : (Sales Cloud) . The Salesforce Consultant Exam is now split into two exams. The Service Cloud Exam and the Sales Cloud Exam.

Does Salesforce Certification require enrollment in formal classes?
No. Professional Certification is based strictly on knowledge level, and that knowledge level can be attained through a combination of hands-on work, studying the software documentation and white papers, or, optionally, attending training classes. Although it is not required, attending Plug2Learn Training classes are an efficient and cost-effective way to learn about the software.
Are the exams difficult?
If you know the material in ADM201 topics list and you have meaningful hands-on experience with the Salesforce, the exams are not difficult. However, regardless of your level of knowledge, you will find them challenging. You can go to and see sample question papers. The exams are basially difficult. The only way to measure that you will pass the exam is that if you know the right answer for sure, you shall pass.

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Can you give some tips on taking the exams?
The main principle to remember is not to take any exam before you have finished preparing yourself. Try sample Questions available at Even though you may have significant experience using the software, there will likely be gaps in your knowledge that may prevent you from attaining a passing score.

What is the format for the exams?
All of the exams are multiple-choice. There are four choices and one correct answer per question. Graphics are used for illustration where needed. There are 60 questions in each exam. The exams are timed for 90 minutes. You will receive your score within seconds after finishing the exam. You can go to and see sample question papers and try a couple of questions for free.

What happens if I do not pass an exam?
If your score is less than 70 percent correct, you will immediately receive a result as fail. Tou can give the three attempts for one exam.

If I become Salesforce Certified and I change employers, does my certification remain valid?